What About Other Packt Books?


With Open Source and Enterprise taken care of, this leaves behind a bunch of Packt’s most interesting titles: the misfits, the outliers, and the breakout Packt titles of the future. We know that there are plenty of places for Packt to make its presence felt in Open Source and Enterprise. But where else? There’s a big world out there. A world of opportunity. A world that needs Packt books.

Packt will continue to publish a wide range of titles on interesting tech topics of all kinds. While each book will be as focused and sharp as a harpoon, we’ll cast our net wide and look all over the place for topic areas and book ideas that fit Packt’s core values:

1.       Relentlessly practical

2.       A clear goal and purpose

3.       A tightly defined target audience

4.       Professional or “serious amateur” users

5.       Areas that need depth of coverage. Areas where one catch-all book is not enough.

6.       Areas that welcome awkward mixed metaphors about nets and harpoons

If you know of technical topic areas that need Packt, or better yet you want to write a technical book that doesn’t fit into Open Source or Enterprise, then contact David Barnes on davidb@packtpub.com. He’s looking after every Packt area besides Open Source and Enterprise.

Already we are developing books for game developers, .NET programmers, Flash developers, and more. We aim to discover what’s going to be the next big thing for Packt and the world of IT professionals. We want you to be part of our future.

Join us!

This post was written by David Barnes, Packt Enterprise marketing executive. For more information on David, and all other post authors, look here.


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