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What About Other Packt Books?

April 22, 2010

With Open Source and Enterprise taken care of, this leaves behind a bunch of Packt’s most interesting titles: the misfits, the outliers, and the breakout Packt titles of the future. We know that there are plenty of places for Packt to make its presence felt in Open Source and Enterprise. But where else? There’s a big world out there. A world of opportunity. A world that needs Packt books.

Packt will continue to publish a wide range of titles on interesting tech topics of all kinds. While each book will be as focused and sharp as a harpoon, we’ll cast our net wide and look all over the place for topic areas and book ideas that fit Packt’s core values:

1.       Relentlessly practical

2.       A clear goal and purpose

3.       A tightly defined target audience

4.       Professional or “serious amateur” users

5.       Areas that need depth of coverage. Areas where one catch-all book is not enough.

6.       Areas that welcome awkward mixed metaphors about nets and harpoons

If you know of technical topic areas that need Packt, or better yet you want to write a technical book that doesn’t fit into Open Source or Enterprise, then contact David Barnes on He’s looking after every Packt area besides Open Source and Enterprise.

Already we are developing books for game developers, .NET programmers, Flash developers, and more. We aim to discover what’s going to be the next big thing for Packt and the world of IT professionals. We want you to be part of our future.

Join us!

This post was written by David Barnes, Packt Enterprise marketing executive. For more information on David, and all other post authors, look here.


About Packt Enterprise

April 16, 2010

Voluminous documentation is part of the problem, not part of the solution.” – Tom DeMarco

Since Packt was established in 2004, we have published over 350 books – more than 70 of which have focused upon Enterprise specific tools and technologies. Packt already finds itself as a significant Enterprise publisher, having published books such as:

The time is now right for a standalone brand. Packt Enterprise shall continue to develop the focussed, hands-on, real world books that readers know us for, and to develop books for all audiences, including Architects, Consultants, Developers and Newcomers.

On top of this, we understand that innovation is important in our industry. We are looking to drive initiatives that offer innovative content distribution (e-delivery for example), free and supplementary learning material (such as articles, book excerpts and free code), and new ‘series’ of books that offer information in bespoke formats.

As Malcolm Atkinson explained: “Building large applications is still really difficult. Making them serve an organisation well for many years is almost impossible.”

It’s our job to try and help make the impossible… possible.

This post was written by James Lumsden, Packt Enterprise publisher For more information on James, and all other post authors, look here.

About Packt Open Source

April 13, 2010

As you will have seen in previous posts here, we’re creating a Packt Open Source brand. I’m the Publisher for our Open Source books, and this is a great chance for me to tell you all about it.

We’re creating an Open Source brand to expand our range of practical and clear books on Open Source applications and libraries, to make Open Source technologies accessible and easier to use for more and more people. Most Open Source technologies grow by the day – you visit a technology’s website one day and already some great new feature has been added since the previous day! The pace of development of individual Open Source projects and the rate of appearance of new projects means a wave of users with different information needs that the projects cannot necessarily keep up with. This is where Packt comes in.

Packt has long been associated with Open Source. Our earliest titles were on Open Source technologies, and from the first copy of our first book we have been supporting the Open Source community through our Open Source Royalty Scheme. So far, we have been only scratching the surface.

By creating a new Open Source brand we will be able to dig deeper, to explore new Open Source projects that we have been unable to reach before. Our team of dedicated Open Source Acquisition Editors now look exclusively at Open Source projects, learning more about them, and getting to know our existing customers of Open Source books better so that we can not only publish great books on topics and projects we’ve not published on before, but also give our existing customers more information about the topics they’re looking for.

All Packt books share the same core values – practical, distilled content based on user experience, a clear goal and purpose, and a carefully defined target audience, and our Open Source books will continue this. Open Source projects change regularly with their accelerated release cycles, and we will be updating our books regularly to keep this in check.

Through all of this, we will continue to support Open Source projects through our Open Source Project Royalty Scheme, which means that some of the revenue from each sale of a book on an Open Source project will go to the project itself. More about that here.

In the course of publishing over 250 books on Open Source technologies we’ve met a lot of people, and made a lot of new friends. I expect us to make many more friends in the time ahead.

This post was written by Douglas Paterson, Packt Open Source publisher. For more information on Douglas, and all other post authors, look here.